Firefox 4.0 beta 1

Yesterday Mozilla released the first beta of Firefox 4. It includes a redesigned interface, more HTML 5 support and other features. It also brings a good laugh:

Download it HERE.

Vigenere cipher

Vigenere cipher is an encryption technique consisting of a sequence of Caesar cipher each based on the letters of a secret text called a keyword. This mechanism is classified as polyalphabetic substitution.

In Caesar substitution each letter was shifted a number of positions down the alphabet. For example choosing the secret key to be 5, . . . → Read More: Vigenere cipher

HTML 5 – features and support

HTML 5 is the next major revision of the HyperText Markup Language. It’s currently being developed as the next standard to present content on the World Wide Web. HTML 5 includes new features that were previously handled by various plugins. These new features include video and sound support, drag and drop, client side database storage, . . . → Read More: HTML 5 – features and support

Caesar cipher

If you are the geeky type, like a lot of people I happen to know (…OK fine, yours truly also) sometime in your childhood you discovered some simple forms of encryption and became fascinated by them to the point where you started creating your own alphabets and childish methods of obscuring texts. And it’s highly . . . → Read More: Caesar cipher

Include vs require

As the website you just started expands to have more than one page and a decent number of lines of code you will start feeling a tingling sensation on your finger tips. At first, you won’t know what it is. But as your website sprouts more and more pages and the number of lines of . . . → Read More: Include vs require




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